Photo prints on metal

Models of picture frames we have on stock : Document: Any time that you have a special document that you want to be framed, then you will need to look for a document frame. These are perfect because they are the right size for the paper that you want to frame and come in very classic colors and styles. It is almost impossible to buy one that won’t look great in any room or office, no matter what document you have inside it.

Display : Hanging frames come with the attached hardware that you will need to hang your picture on the wall. They make it very easy to install a gallery wall or simply to hang up one or two select photographs. It is possible to turn a tabletop picture frame into one that can be hung on the wall if you use the right hardware but it is much easier to simply buy the kind that you want from the beginning. This eliminates any hassle of trying to convert the picture frame and ensures that it will be stable and steady enough to not accidentally come off of the wall. Shape : When you want something a little different to display your photographs, then you will be best off with a novelty frame. These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be in the design of everything from a tree to a castle. Novelty picture frames are great if you are in the market for an interesting gift for someone you love as they often are decorated in a theme and you can find ones that will appeal to different hobbies and interests. Make sure that you have room for the novelty frame that you are considering buying as many of the hanging ones tend to be quite large.

Do you print to the acrylic directly or face mount by printing onto paper first then mounting? You’ll find that companies who print directly to the acrylic with an UV printer are able to offer it at a cheaper price (particularly if outsourcing outside the US), so if you don’t mind giving up some color accuracy, vibrancy, and permanence this may be a good option particularly for outdoor spaces and signage where it’s not as critical. The face mount process is more labor-intensive and there aren’t many companies doing it well on a consistent basis. It isn’t an easy process, but the end result is well worth it. See more info at Floating photo frame.

Materials: Snap-in frames are really easy to take apart and put back together. The whole back of the frame will pop out and will allow you to take out the picture and the glass as well. This makes it very easy to clean the glass so you don’t have to worry about smudges detracting from the beauty of the picture.

One perk of printing on a metal sheet? Your image will have brighter colors, more vibrant detail, and a deeper luster than the original. Also, AdoramaPix’s printing experts will inspect your picture for quality and problem areas, so you can be sure that the final product will be 100% display-ready.Besides being a higher quality image, metal prints will last longer than a regular photo print – at least 50 years, to be more specific. A photo printed on paper can fade in the light or get easily damaged, but metal prints are durable and resistant to water, weather damage, and scratches. They can also be cleaned with whatever glass-cleaning product you already have stored in your home.

Sim Frame has invested heavily in the latest large format printing technologies to produce aesthetically outstanding results. The benefits of this investment can be seen particularly in our acrylic photo prints, metal prints, high quality canvas prints, and prints on wood. If you’re unsure what product will suit your photography or would want some advice, email or call us for more information on our professional photography printing services. You could also book an appointment to come and see our photography showroom which showcases all our photo printing and framing services.

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