Month: September 2019

Become a virtual assistant

Freelance work from home, this is a very trendy topic in 2019. With the internet connecting anything more and more jobs can be done from home. People are becoming very… Read more »

Percolator coffee filters

I will discuss about affordable espresso machines. DeLonghi are a household name in the coffee industry producing award-winning products at a half-decent pricepoint. This ultra-slimline machine is finished in a… Read more »

Search for businesses to buy

Self business selling and buying? There are several places where you can sell your business or buy a an established business. Businesses are bought and sold every day, maybe you… Read more »

Top 3 travel blogs to read in 2019

Let’s discuss about high quality travel blogs in 2019. World is full of travel blogs so bloggers are forced to become more and more professional, comprehensive, posts get bigger and… Read more »